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Hi there!

You hear companies say they are family all the time. At doodle n’ designs, family isn’t something we say.

Family is Something We Do…(odle)

As brothers, we are bonded by more than blood. We are bonded by creativity and the spirit of young entrepreneurs (not to mention a little bit of sibling rivalry here and there). From the time we were little, we were taught to look out for each other as brothers should, but to also dare to be original. These values of family and expression have stuck with us, and in September of 2016, they fueled our creation of doodle n’ designs.

We are Bringing Textile Manufacturing Back to the US

Together, we built a company that blends the old with the new—the tried and true character of American textile manufacturing with the modern ideas of cutting-edge customization and real-time responsiveness.

With the help of our father Mitchell, we have grown leaps and bounds as professionals and become avant garde leaders in the textile industry. Through manufacturing custom linens, doodle n’ designs celebrates the creativity and imagination of others. Our products are a way for people to give more meaning to life’s most significant moments.

We are an Extension of Your Creativity

We’ve built a business that thrives on inviting creativity from all corners. Every custom linen that you design and we create means something. We are stoked to be a part of that process, to help you create your own memory and bring your unique event home.

Welcome to the doodle n’ designs family! We look forward to serving you and creating something awesome together!

Start doodlin’!

Jake and Sam Smith