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When its laundry time…

An important, yet undeniably daunting task that is always rooted from good intentions of wanting your linens to be rejuvenated, free of wrinkles, stains and undesirable odors.

Behold our keys to freshness, performance and most of all longevity for your linens outlined in our DO’s and DON’Ts


  • wash in warm, soapy water on a normal wash cycle setting and shake tablecloth free of any articles
  • separate your shade groups (Whites, Darks, Mediums, and Reds). Yes, this may mean you will potentially have more loads, but it also means your table linens that came into the wash white, will leave white and not a tie dye blend of green, pink and orange
  • let your linens cool down to body temperature in the dryer before folding, but not for such a prolonged period of time and this will greatly reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • use a warm iron to touch up your linen to your level of finish


  • try and be a hero and save time by stuffing and overloading your wash. Allowing your linens to breathe in the wash ensures they receive ample soap and help get rid of stains
  • use softeners, bleach or waxes; they will mask the absorbency of the fabric once dry
  • try and compensate for “really dirty linens” by adding in more detergent or soap; let your washer do its job
  • rush the folding; wrinkles thrive when folding is done improperly

*doodle stain tip: if there is a persistent stain, apply a slight bit of dish detergent, and let it sit a couple hours until you are ready for your next laundry load.