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Artist Alley Table Throw 30 x 72

Top and Back

Artist Alley Table Throw:

The Artist Alley Table Throw comes with a printed front, a solid stock color top & back. The finishing is a 1/4" hem all around.


1. Download either template and place your artwork to your satisfaction:

72x30 Illustrator Template

72x30 Photoshop Template

2. Click "Customize Now" to login, and Upload your art using the "Upload Image" button 

3. Click the black circular button right next to repeats and make sure the slider is all the way to the left (towards "Less")

*When you preview product make sure it is exactly 30" H by 72" W*

Bengaline Description

Bengaline Fabric Swatch Shot

"...Perfectly textured sheen to dress your table (or your date)..."

Important Fabric Info

  • 100% polyester
  • Durable, distinctively ribbed texture
  • A gentle sheen
  • Perfect for celebratory events or apparel